Tourists who plan on making a trip to Grand Canyon have to consider their travel options, time and cost. As a salesperson who sells Grand Canyon tours to the South Rim (original Grand Canyon) and West Rim (Skywalk), I usually have to explain the different pricing points and the time involved to do each tour.

For instance, a helicopter tour is one way to do a Grand Canyon tour in style. However, it is at the top of the price chart at around $460. Total time to do this tour to the West Rim is five hours. A plane tour might sound exciting for some people but others will opt for ground transportation because it seems safer. My plane tours to the South Rim can be purchased at a very reasonable $279 and budget 8 hours total time.

Most Importantly, let me talk about bus tours – my favorite. I will let you in on a secret. I sell more bus tours because the price starts at $135 and quite frankly, that’s what people can afford. Yes, it is a full-travel day but my customers know this going in, and they take it in stride. Your typical travel time is 11-12 hours to do a West Rim tour and 15 hours to visit South Rim.

Finally, your group needs to be in concert on which tour is right for the group. As an example, in a group of six you may have two who would like to go on the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Rim, but the others would rather visit Grand Canyon South Rim (national park), then you must find a compromise so everyone’s Grand Canyon experience is a good one.

Surely, I hope you find your way to Grand Canyon and leave it to the bus drivers and pilots to get you there. Please call me at 702-610-6190 or visit my website: My name is Robert Kneeland.