A Memorable Tour of the Splendid Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

I am very privileged to have visited the Hoover Dam and south rim of the Grand Canyon during my trip to Las Vegas and Nevada this year. I used one of the Nevada Grand Canyon tour guides and can definitely recommend the guided tour purely because of all the interesting detail that is shared. The driver was a very knowledgeable person and was able to tell us about the history of Las Vegas, Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon.

The mini tour bus that we used had air conditioning and a DVD player. The tour also provided water, a few snacks and lunch. I had six other companions in the tour bus which was a 13 seater. The friendliness and humour of my companions was one of the distinct advantages of a tour group as it made a great atmosphere. Our first stop was the Hoover dam which is a significant architectural achievement constructed in the 1930’s. It was shocking to know that about one hundred people died during the building of that dam. The construction took place during the great depression when men were desperate for employment and thousands flocked to the area for a chance to get some work. Just five thousand were able to receive jobs and it must have been a huge blow to the many that were rejected. The employer could dictate the terms and men had to toil under very harsh conditions. The heat was so extreme that body temperatures soared to well above 38 degrees and men were placed in ice to stabilise their temperatures.

It was a long journey from the Hoover Dam to our destination but it went quickly as our guide told us interesting facts about the state and the Grand Canyon. The route passed through the Mojave desert which is arguably the hottest place on earth so I was very grateful for the air conditioning. The Joshua tree was one of the interesting sights in the desert as it thrives under very harsh conditions and has a very unique shape. We also stopped at some picturesque towns along the famous Route 66. The place I remembered was Williams Arizona because it was a very rustic western town at the gateway to the Grand Canyon just an hour away. When we arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park we found that many of the ledges had railings to prevent people from falling off the side. The geological museum at the park had very interesting models that explained the formation of the Grand Canyon. I recommend spending just twenty minutes at the National Park as it does not allow a significant view of the amazing canyon. The geological museum is very interesting so spend more time there than looking over the railings.

We stayed at the National Park for about half an hour then went to the Mather point observatory tower and gift shops at the South Rim.

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